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Safe Cooling Patch

Water content of 80%,physical cooling,more moisture,less heat

  • Specifications

    【Product name】Bingbing fever reduce patch for baby(3months-5years)

    【Product specification】5 stick/bag ×6 bags

    【Main Ingredient】

    【Customer community】Applicable to a variety of causes of fever therapy and emergency cooling assistance to ease the fever caused by lit headache, toothache and other symptoms

    【Effect】This product is composed of anti-sticking layer, gel layer, back lining and other parts, which has a good energy conversion function of hydrophilic polymer gel layer for the main body, with cold therapy, heat-absorbing heat and some analgesic effect



     Along the gap torn bags, remove the patch, and open and transparent film, the gel surface directly.

    Polymer gel products, please keep in a cool, dark place. Frozen after (Do not frozen) using a better effect.


    1. Do not be affixed to the sensitivity of the skin, near the eye position and mouth;

    2. Use if discomfort or occasional skin and skin redness, disappeared after disabling

    3. Do not affixed to the hair, eyebrows, left internal mammary office before and there is sweat in order toavoid expulsion;

    4. This product is for external use patches, please do not eat;

    5. Children should be used under the supervision of adults.


     baby from 3 months to 5 years