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OEM/ODM series

Guojia New Material customizes external OEM processing products.

  • Specifications

    【Product name】

    【Product specification】205mm X 245mm

    【Main Ingredient】Glod powder, collagen, Aloe extract, H A, Arbutin, Vatmin C, Vb3 Witch Hazel, Amino acid.

    【Customer community】All require tender beautiful skin people, white maintenance ( main use for Anti age, Anti Wrinkle )

    【Effect】his product contain ten times active useful ingredient then normal face mask, active gold foil factor, can dredge the microcycle effectively, desalinates the melanin, suppression melanin production, dispels wrinkle, improvement pigment precipitation



    clean face, takes out the facial mask to spread on the face, keep face mask on face for 30 minutes were have obvious effects, suggested long-term use 7 days, then 2-3 day uses one time, also can use every day. Uses before sleep can reach the best effect 






    Avoid direct contact with eyes and nostrils, Any uncomfortable during use, stop use and consults doctor. When face existence inflammation, please do not use any face cosmetics, in order to avoid the pollution product or causes the ill symptom aggravation.